We speak both sales and Salesforce

We transform your sales needs into a strategical CRM platform

How sales people think?

Sales team manoeuvrability

Sustainable sales growth with Sales Cloud

As a Salesforce Partner, we offer a unique blend of skill sets and business experience to lead you in the right direction: "CRM-based sales excellence"

Strategic sales assessment

CRM installation and development

Sales enablement tools

CRM as a strategic leverage

All your highly customised processes, ongoing optimisations, AI-based smart decision-making tools, your sales enablement tools, and the way you use sales data become so integrated, blended and cemented in your CRM, no competition can distinguish the unique factors or comprehend what lies behind your unbeatable success.

Higher user engagement
Better ROI for your Salesforce budget
Aligned sales operations
Helps & guides salespeople
Supreme sales analytics
Sales efficiency & effectiveness

CRM Diagnostics

Get to know how you can elevate your CRM with Sinera's unique method of CRM Diagnostics. Have a detailed map of how you can up your Sales Cloud.

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We cover all sales processes from lead to cash

Your specialist Salesforce

Transform your CRM into a strategic advantage by aligning your sales strategy with your sales operations through Salesforce

CRM 360

Guidance, decision, action, feedback, learning, and optimisation loops run on the CRM

Sales analytics

Measures 5 dimensions: Effort, efficiency, work load, progress and results

CRM as a neural network of sales ecosystem
Next-gen CRM: AI powered guidance
Tailored and customised to perfectly fit

How does it work?

01 Strategical sales needs analysis

Make it right from the beginning by analysing internal and external sales environment, designing future of sales operations and CRM requirements

02 Requirements workshop

CRM requirements and technical functionalities are documented after a series of workshops with key users and decision-makers

03 Configuration and development

The CRM is configured and developed by our expert consultants and developers to perfectly fit in your requirements validated by user acceptance tests

04 Roll it out

We together test every function and do whatever it takes to make it perfectly functioning

05 Train and adopt

We deliver user trainings, flattening the bumps and make sure your CRM will keep its integrity

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