During our projects we have worked very closely with sales managers. While managing and executing our mutual projects we had chance to monitor them at operation and sales team management. We have witnessed some common mistakes they could not avoid. If you are a sales manager you can evaluate yourself through these obsdervations.

  • To spend more time with some sales persons because you have symphaty for them
  • Üst yönetimi yönetmemek
  • To interfere with sales persons’ daily routine so much in a result-oriented sales system; not to lead their way in a process oriented sales system
  • To spend most of your time in the office with administrative tasks and disconnecting with the field
  • To reflect all the pressure and stress to the sales team without filtering
  • Not being able to balance the interests of the sales team and the company
  • Decision making not based on principles
  • Just managing by telling sales team things to do, not coaching by leading their way
  • Not to do performance reviews face to face periodically
  • To retain a sales person who insists on disturbing the team harmony