10 Sales metrics redefined

10 Sales Metrics Redefined

Most sales metrics and KPIs do not intrinsically have analytical value by itself. You need more metrics to draw some conclusions out of it.

Below, I write down some examples of better metrics to integrate into your sales reports and dashboards in CRM to guide you in better sales management

Instead of leads by source, measure conversion rates by lead source

Instead of open activities, measure total activities / open activities per salesperson

Instead of open cases, measure case resolution times

Instead of opportunities past due, measure close date accuracy (comparison of the projected close date with the actual close date of an opportunity)

Instead of new business, measure churn rate / new business ratio

Instead of customer visits, measure visits / unique customers ratio

Instead of sales revenue, measure total revenue / average revenue per customer

Instead of listing customers filtered by sales revenue, include potential sales estimates / actual sales revenue ratio

Besides conversion rate, also measure the average time for average conversion 

Instead of the number of calls made, measure the activation rate of passive customers

The more analytical insight potential a sales metric has, the better the metric it is.

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