3 things you should know before CRM implementation


One platform will prevail over time

You may have been using different platforms integrated with your CRM. But remember that your core CRM platform should be capable of being the epicentre of all your running systems. You need one smart core system as the main intelligence base to speak with all others and leverage new functionality. So when you choose a CRM, it is not enough to look for integrational capabilities but the speed of adaptability for the new features and functions.

Should fit a glove

Your CRM platform will only be as good as you implemented it. Out-of-box functional and technical capabilities do not guarantee ultimate success. CRMs are like fingerprints. They should be unique and tailored to your company’s unique market position and support sales strategy. If it is generic, it will not become a leverage for your sales success.

Always optimise

CRM implementation for the first time may be a real challenge for your company. Most stakeholders in the process want to get it done and forget about it until there is another urge to upgrade the platform. If you accept from the beginning that it will be an ongoing process to customise and update your CRM structure, you will spare the resources and focus on doing it right. It is all a hands-on job. It will become obsolete if your CRM does not lead the way for your salespeople and lags behind.

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