3 traits of high-performance sales teams

Today I want to talk about high-performing sales teams. What are they doing so different from the rest? Do they have something in common? First, let me define high-performing. It is the sustainable sales success over the competition. It is not solely dependent on product superiority or more extensive resources. It may be challenging to crack the code of high-performing sales teams because they operate in different industries within unparalleled sales environments. When you do a benchmark, it may not be easy to catch visible patterns or commonalities relating to their sales process, prevailing sales culture, sales organisational structure, sales leadership style or compensation methods. But when you look carefully, you can see three things that high-performing sales teams excel in common.

Strategically aligned sales ops

This is so critical in sales success. Your sales process and chosen sales methodology should reflect your sales strategy. Sales operations is your sales strategy on the move. The level of alignment will directly impact how efficient and effective your sales effort is. So it is time for sales leaders to align their sales operations with their sales strategy. 

No hero needed

You should structure your sales process in a way that should be curated in a way that simple, well-defined sales actions should lead to sales success. No heroic sales behaviours should be needed to hit the goal. Sales success is hidden in making good to better. Easier said than done. Perfection loves simplicity. If you link your outrageous business success with ordinary people just doing simple things in a disciplined way, you are a hero who doesn’t need any heroes.

Driven by efficiency and effectiveness

Hitting numeric sales goals will not guarantee long-term sustainable sales success. Incremental but continuous increase in sales efficiency and effectiveness will. Unless you do not improve your sales efficiency and effectiveness indicators, doing your numbers will not make your sales organisation successful. If they are going down, your numbers will follow. Sales efficiency and effectiveness is the primary concern of successful sales teams.

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