Customer Science


The most important of three main elements is customer among sales process and sales team. Comprising of four sub-titles customer science approach focuses on recognition of the most valuable customers and lead generation systematic.


Lead generation and customer acquisition


If you ever want to reach a sustainable success in lead generation you have to rely on centralized lead generation and customer acquisition process. Any company fails to to gain new customers will end up in downward vicious cycle giving unnecessary consents from profit.


Sales people struggle to allocate enough time to lead generation while tackling daily urgencies. Lead generation planning and execution entails much more effort and capabilities transcends beyond salesman’s individual capabilities. Lead generation and new customer acquisition activities can be classified as finding, following, qualifying, appointment making and nurturing.


 A lead generation program consists of these steps below:


  • Describing ideal customer profile
  • Mapping lead generation channels and yearly activities design
  • Unitary data-base formation for lead follow-up
  • Qualifying methods
  • Appointment making process
  • Lead nurturing program


  Customer portfolio strategy and management


Each of your customers is important but they are not equal in sales potential.


Customer portfolio is sales people’s investment portfolio. They put their time and energy in return for sales. You can not manage hundreds of unique customers but if you manage to segment them in purposeful categories you can manage these several categories.


Basically customer portfolio strategy and management clears your valuable customers to focus on and activities matching your peculiar strategy for each customer segment. It also validate and align your action plan with sales goals. Without a clear customer strategy you can bet on your sales people waste their time and energy and be dubious about hitting their sales goals.


Sales campaing design


Well designed sales campaigns can create such a momentum in B2B sales which can be perceived as stagnant compared to B2C sales. Among all other tools in sales enhancement its effect on tangible results is huge. You can plan, execute and get some hard result data in relatively short term. Starting with preparation of customer empathy maps specially designed value and price packages for different customer segments come after. Campaign ROI calculations and specific targets are set prior to execution. A detailed performance monitoring format will help in assessing the leverage of the campaign. After communication plan of the campaign is executed critical milestones are evaluated and incremental fining tuning is done for optimization.