Sales Team

Sales team’s continuous development is a prerequisite for sustainable sales performance. One of the biggest predicaments of sales community is the ineffectiveness of current tools such as sales trainings which are far away from delivering targeted results.

To overcome these difficulties, we tried to create new tools and make some amendments in current sales development approaches:

  • Sales people assessment centre: (Assess and evaluate) A sales performance and potential assessment centre which is differentiated according to sales types and company’s unique market position.
  • Prescribe and practice: Applied sales training sessions comprised of 14 key sales competencies which are valid for most of the sales types
  • Aim and realize: Target real progress and lead them through realization by sales enabler
  • Lead them with best practices: Gather all the best practices and show how to do’s instead of what to do’s by sales playbook
  • Stage and role-play: Drama-based sales training tailored to a specific industry with real life scenarios
  • Support: Sales coaching making sales person accountable and leading them through sales deadlocks