Sales coaching and counselling


Sales coaching enables a secure relation where new growth possibilities and self-transformation opportunities for the coached sales person. Sales coach guides and motivates the sales person to reach his or her potential. Vicious cycles can be broken and new possibilities which are not foreseen may be revealed.


Sales coaching transforms sales theory into tactical and measurable actions. Sales coach assesses and evaluates your personality, sales experience, competency levels and guides accordingly through the difficulties that you struggle to overcome by yourself.


Generally, sales coach work on these areas:


  • Belief system
  • Sales strategies and actions to take
  • Managing sales manager and other stakeholders
  • Building and maintaining networks
  • Sales techniques and competencies
  • Sales planning and execution
  • Personal SWOT analysis
  • Time and sales effort management
  • Sales gremlins
  • Career counseling


Ideally sales coaching program should consist at least 4 sessions. Intervals between sessions should not exceed fortnight. The coachee is expected to attend the session prepared and executed the actions assigned.