Sales enabler: “Simple actions to perfection”


Sales training may be ineffective when sales competency development, behavioral change and sales performance improvement are targeted. To close the gap between the current and the desired performance we developed a highly effective behavioral implementation methodology which will be explained below:




5 steps sales performance enhancement cycle:


  1. Examine and frame: After reaching a consensus on the final goal, performance barriers and root causes are examined thoroughly. We map a development plan and set tangible targets to be met by the team.
  2. Co-plan critical steps: The project team which is led by Sinera’s sales performance consultant work on and decide on the critical behavioral change anchors that are sine qua non to reach the final goal. The each step should be uncomplicated to realize but should be strong enough to produce the final result if executed consecutively. Each step is accompanied by detailed action templates to be fulfilled by the sales team with a time plan.
  3. Train and lead to for the change: Sales team is delivered a training program consisting of the motives to change and act, a process to guarantee success and tips to overcome pitfalls.
  4. Execute and share: Within the deadlines each sales team member execute the predefined actions with real customers, tasks and data and make a presentation of what they accomplished and struggled.
  5. Discuss, debrief and proceed: They are supposed to receive feedback from the whole team and enrich their view of how to tackle complications. Best practices are drawn from cases, lessons to be learned are delivered to whole team. The next action step is also modified to address the unforeseen challenges. During the meetings an issue and task list is formed to better the current process. The cycle goes on with the repetition of the 4th and 5th steps and ends with the last project step. A final meeting will be held where goals and results are reviewed.

Depending on the size of the sales team generally 4 to 7 steps with one gathering a month are enough to conclude the enabling cycle. Progress will emerge and visible after the third milestone. Success comes from the uninterrupted cycle of plan, act, share, review. Simple steps scrutinized for perfection is the best formula for complicated sales turnaround projects.


Best practices with sales enabler


Every aspect of sales practice improvement can be applied and implemented by sales enabler if high degree of sales team practice is required. Due to its focus on real life implementation titles below are best achieved via sales enabler.


  • Collection performance enhancement
  • Customer portfolio management strategy and actions
  • Key account management
  • Sales case studies and problem solving
  • Lead generation and customer acquisition