Sales playbook


Sales playbook comprises of the best practices, guides and action templates, ready-to-use tips especially created and tailored uniquely for the company. With the use of playbook very sales person can have access to the know-how of being sales superstar. Sales playbook guides sales people not what to do but how to do for helping customer in buying process aligned with sales process. All content is created uniquely for your company by considering your market position and sales environment.


You can turn your whole sales team into sales superstars by having a proper sales playbook based on a sound sales process.


Some facts and benefits about sales playbook are:


  • Specially created for your company with a team comprised of your best sales people and managers guided by Sinera’s expert consultant
  • With collaboration all best practices, evaluation of sales intelligence, right approach and behavioural patterns to be repeated will be documented.
  • After launch of playbook  content will be comprehended by training sessions and will be ensured to be updated periodically with parallel to customer expectations and market dynamics.


A sample content of sales playbook:


  • Market segmentation and company’s position in the market
  • Company introduction
  • Customer empathy map
  • Customer profiles
  • Value propositions (unique sales points)
  • Product categorization
  • Framing presentation
  • Competition analysis
  • Ideal customer profile
  • Lead generation methods
  • Appointment process and scripts
  • Proposal and opportunity evaluation
  • Decision maker mapping
  • Needs analysis format
  • Question set
  • Objection handling strategies
  • ROI and price difference analysis
  • Pricing template
  • Cross selling and upselling methods
  • Collection risk evaluation
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Success stories and reference cases