Sales Process


Definition of the service


Sales process is mapping all sales steps in detail starting with defining customer status from leads to closing sales with eventual scenarios including relevant data and decision criteria.


Problems sales process solves


  • Sales people may work on their own methods or wish
  • Ambiguous steps or black holes within sub process leading to closing sales
  • Lack of necessary details in sales process
  • Process not guiding sales people in every possible scenario
  • Mismatch of the documented sales process and real sales actions on the field
  • Poor sales performance forecast




  • Increasing sales cycles’ efficiency resulting in sales conversion
  • Increasing sales effectiveness of sales effort by setting tangible criteria in sales lead and opportunity follow-up
  • Optimizing sales process to shorten sales conversion time
  • Guiding sales teams for the best possible path to sales
  • Building the right set-up for CRM requirements




  • Examining and mapping current sales process
  • Mapping new sales process
    • Determining all possible customer status in detail from lead to customer
    • Definition of ideal customer
    • The data which is to be collected at each status by the sales team
    • Criteria for justification needed to proceed customer into next status
    • Defining main and sub steps in every possible sales scenario
    • Definition of a proper opportunity
    • Structuring needs analysis process in detail
    • Defining follow up strategies for sales opportunities


  • Sales process mapping
  • Lead and customer status
  • Sales pipeline structure
  • Basis for sales projection and forecasting