What we do

Sinera Sales Lab is delivering sales enhancement solutions for companies and sales professionals. As Sinera Sales Lab team we deliberately work on sales process, sales teams and customer related issues which are critical sub-parts of a sales system and structure.

Who we are

Our team comprises of high calibre sales professionals from different sales roles with a minimum 15 years of solid sales management experience. Coming from different industries our competencies include sales leadership, sales strategy, sales pipeline management, sales process optimization, learning and development program design, change and turnaround management, value proposition design and growth.

How we do?

Apart from tracing the root causes, we build up a running coherent and integral model which fits to companies vision and culture through our own analysis methods.

Sales is a living organism with both visible and invisible sub-systems constantly changing one another. That is the reason you can not tackle singular sales issues by their own. Without the knowledge of the whole you end up with disturbance and cause further problems instead. Sinera has developed a sales centric, on-field generated needs analysis rooted in a coherent sales model as an indispensable, initial step in all sales performance improvement projects.

Our process with solid result oriented approach can be summarized as below:

  • Examining and understanding the problem
  • Model building
  • Creating process, action templates and documentation needed to run the model
  • Initial execution and feed-back
  • Revision of model
  • Execution sustainability and perfection


Sinera Process


Why work with Sinera?

  • Thorough analysis: By using our own-developed 5 peculiar needs analysis we can distinguish needs from wants and besides root causes we can come up with solutions with links to sustainable sales models
  • Process focused: We help in building and running new sales models and systems with controllable, optimizable, actionable and measurable process
  • Expertise: Since establishment we worked solely on sales performance enhancement with a team who has over 20 years of sales problem solving experience
  • Experience with different industries: Our tool box has wide range of tools because we have dealt with different customer issues from different industries