Are you utilising text fields in your CRM?

Number, checkbox, picklist values, date and other types of field data are used most within a CRM’s data structure because they are perceived as having more analytical value when compared to text data fields.

This may be valid if you define the potential size of an opportunity or choose a solid reason for losing one. But there are some cases where you require text fields, and text data has enormous value among all kinds of CRM data.

When salespeople are expected to decide on a sales incident, text fields come in handy to shed light on their reasoning. Let’s assume a sales user is qualifying an opportunity at a particular stage in the sales process. There are specific criteria that he will give a score each. If he is expected to write down his reasoning or kind of proof for each criterion, his judgement will be much more accurate. The same is true when the sales user assigns a specific campaign to one of his prospects or asks for a heavy discount approval for proposal negotiations.

I decided not to follow an opportunity after investing substantial time in it. I chose a clause from the picklist: “There is no match between the customer’s need and our offerings.” Done and dusted. The opportunity is closed. But the reality is missing here. What piece of information, proof or insight makes me think to go another direction now? If I can not write down a reasonable case-specific input, how can I trust my judgement let others alone?

The logic is simple. When you know you are expected to explain your reasoning behind a decision, you are much more prone to make better decisions. Text fields are necessary whenever there is a prominent decision to take. They may not have analytical powers like other fields, but they help make better decisions based on solid arguments. Text fields support better judgment in your CRM structure.

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