Dehumanisation of sales process

An alternative buyer journey without salesperson interaction should be offered to customers who prefer to go all the buying journey on their own. My scope here is not to integrate human-like traits like conversational mimics into an automated sales chat but a fully human-less/salesperson-less customer-guided sales process. A growing number of potential customers want to collect all the information, evaluate the competition and make a buying decision without talking or writing to a single salesperson. Today, customer journeys are primarily designed for the customers who already decide to buy the product. What if you are not fully aware of your needs, are unsure about the market alternatives, or trying to assess the possible ROI? You should bear the hassle and invest significant time collecting info about everything to decide if a product is right for you. Every buying decision is a source of stress. In the end, if you are unhappy with your purchase, it may annoy you like something lodged between your teeth. The bigger the price tag, the bigger the risk of annoyance. Typical product website structures are far from filling the cognitive gap between a prosumer and an uninformed buyer. We must design alternative customer journeys where the buyer chooses which way and how far to go. Based on the basic customer profile interests, the prospect can choose different paths intertwined with value offerings all designed to tickle the motive of the customer to go further on digital media. Self-guided customer journeys will be the next big innovative sales enablement tools.

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