Does Einstein represent the next-gen CRM?

With CRMs, you normally get what you put in. You designate the data you need to generate the forecasts, reports and next-best-action suggestions by using rules, algorithms, triggers and flows. Your CRM can not outsmart your current CRM structure and development logic. This may be changing by the new kid on the block on the Salesforce Platform: “Einstein AI with the Sales Cloud”. 

There are revolutionary features that Einstein shows his genius. He can help you score your leads and give valuable insights regarding an opportunity or an account with supporting evidence. All these features do not require any rules, logic or setup. You do not need to run a report or use a flow. It is always working in the background, ready to guide you through your sales conundrums. No predefined paths or routes. This may be a new milestone in smart CRM transformation: From keeping records to unique insights…

Exciting times to be in sales…

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