Five sources for sales management insight


Well-structured KPIs and 360-degree dashboards integrated into your CRM are excellent sources of numerical data to build a solid perspective on managing your sales team. But they are far from being complete. We can offer five sources of valuable insight for sales management for all levels who want to have a deeper understanding of the sales ecosystem they are operating within.

Helping your salespeople on the field

Trying to help your salespeople is way better than trying to control them, which creates a natural bond with your team without alienating them by just exerting control measures. An able sales manager is one who never lets themselves unattached from the real action takes place. It does not matter if you sell over the phone, online, or face-to-face. It would help if you spent time with your comrades with the prevailing aim to help them.

Applying positive pressure

I share the view that salespeople operate best under positive pressure. Avoiding them to break down and exert pressure upon them would tell you about what they are made of, how well you are integrated with them, and how much respect and faith they have in you. The trick is to chase them relentlessly over any behavioural change or action quota, but not over mere results. It makes a huge difference.

Build direct relations with customers

Any sales manager role requires some degree of direct customer relation and interaction with and without the presence of your sales team. To get the most out of your customers, diversity is the king. The ones you like spending time with will not do the trick. You have to talk and listen to customers in any form or shape: angry customers, large ones, small ones, unloyal, churns, and churns. In the beginning, they can make you confuse and develop a bias. But if you keep yourself open for any communication, you will filter and extract the info on what to do to win.

Spend time with the competition

Sales do not happen in a vacuum. Competition is always there, even if you do not see or hear them. Keeping track of their strategies and activities is not enough. It is better to communicate with them. It is human to talk to them, share their daily struggles and have some pints. You are good to go if you take more than you give while you chat. 🙂

Tap into customer complaints

This is an incredibly overlooked gold mine where you will get to know what is going wrong, gaps between different processes, overlooked areas on potential value offerings, and any chance for optimisation. Most managers avoid getting involved in this deep hole because they are not capable of solving the root cause of the most repeated complaints. It would help if you got used to living with the problems unless you are aware of them and have a plan to solve them. Instant resolution is a myth which will discourage you from sneaking in the hellish customer service problems.

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