AI contribution to sales can be two folded:

  1. AI to contribute to the sales team’s sales operations

2. AI to replace your salespeople by directly communicating and persuading your customers

Let’s focus on the first part. 

You can utilise AI as a sales executive in four main areas. 

The first one is sales automation. You can increase sales efficiency by automating sub-processes, repetitive sales tasks, conditional actions, approval processes, etc., within your CRM platform. It has been possible by setting up flows that CRM platforms have enabled. But having the expertise to set up and manage these flow logic in your CRM would be best. Now, it is time for AI to help us design, set up and manage these flows by doing the heavy lifting of complex flow designs.

The second one is sales content creation. Salespeople spend lots of time creating persuasive presentations and crafting emails solving particular customer issues. Content creation has always been a tricky issue in the sales environment. It requires specific skills and a different perspective, which many salespeople may lack. Now, generative AI makes this possible. This is a new era of AI conquering new territory in planet sales. At least, a salesperson can use AI-generated content to make necessary customisations to increase the effectiveness of the content.

Thirdly, AI can help salespeople align their day-to-day sales operations to the sales strategy. Lead and opportunity scoring, next-best-action recommendations, and highlighting any potential obstacles that are not visible may be some instances in AI that can help. Although generative AI applications may attract more attention and become hype, AI fostering strategic alignment of sales operations is the most valuable contribution to sales effectiveness, which is still the most significant issue in sales.

Lastly, AI can coach salespeople, arming them with sales-focused problem-solving skills. Regarding B2B sales, every sales opportunity is a unique predicament to be solely analysed and requires different perspectives and thinking models to generate plausible context-based strategies. We can train AI capabilities to learn from previously studied sales cases, the facts, judgements, and missing info, including buyer behavioural models, competition analysis, etc. AI may navigate us through the mysterious sales opportunity management in that case.

Or is it easier and more to the point to use AI to impersonate sales reps rather than help them? What do you think?