How High-Quality Sales Actions Propel Business Success

Sales meetings are crucial for sales managers to assess the effectiveness and purposefulness of their sales team. However, reading meeting minutes alone is not enough to evaluate the quality of these meetings. The true measure of a successful sales meeting lies in the determination and execution of high-quality next actions. These actions are the key indicators of whether the time invested in a sales meeting is worthwhile.

Even if a sales meeting yields valuable insights and information from a potential buyer, it is the quality of the next actions that truly matters. Without well-planned and executed sales actions, the prospect will not progress through the sales funnel, and the salesperson will be left adrift in unpredictable waters.

As a salesperson, your effectiveness is ultimately determined by the actions you take. Therefore, it is essential to understand the attributes of high-quality next actions in sales. By tailoring actions to the specific case, creating an influence on the prospect, and ensuring clarity and readiness, salespeople can maximise their chances of success.

Tailored to the Case

Generic sales actions, such as checking product sheets or confirming with the delivery team, do not count as high-quality sales actions. While these operational tasks may be necessary, they lack strategic value and do not contribute to the overall success of the sales process. Instead, high-quality next actions should be tailored to the specific case at hand and have a direct impact on moving the prospect closer to a decision.

For example, planning to make a presentation is a low-quality sales action. However, proposing an industry-focused best practices presentation to reach a higher-level decision-maker is a high-quality action. By customising actions to the unique needs and challenges of each prospect, salespeople can demonstrate their understanding and expertise, increasing the chances of a successful outcome.

Creating Influence on the Prospect

The primary goal of sales actions is to move the prospect through the sales stages. To achieve this, high-quality next actions should create inertia and increase the prospect’s willingness to cooperate and move forward. Offering additional help with the prospect’s integration efforts for the proposed solution is an example of a high-quality action that can influence the prospect positively.

By going above and beyond the basic requirements of the sales process, salespeople can demonstrate their commitment to the prospect’s success. This extra level of support can build trust, strengthen the relationship, and ultimately increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

Specific and Ready to Roll

When documenting a sales action, it is crucial to articulate it clearly and comprehensively. A well-defined action should not leave room for ambiguity or require additional clarification. The more detail an action includes, the better prepared the salesperson will be to execute it successfully. Any prerequisites or required resources should be specified to eliminate any potential obstacles or frictions.

Vague or ambiguous actions are ineffective and can lead to confusion or delays in the sales process. By providing clear and specific next actions, salespeople can streamline their efforts and ensure a smooth progression through the sales funnel.

While there are standard sales actions in any CRM system, such as making calls or sending emails, it is important to remember that these are just tools for action, not the actions themselves. Sales managers who actively review and expand upon the action list in the CRM gain valuable insights into the overall opportunity and can provide targeted coaching to their sales team.

By leveraging the capabilities of a CRM system, sales managers can track and monitor the progress of each opportunity, identify potential bottlenecks, and provide timely guidance to their sales team. This proactive approach ensures that the focus remains on high-quality next actions and accelerates the velocity of the sales funnel.

Remember, the content of a sales meeting does not solely measure the success of a salesperson, but by the actions they plan and execute. So, strive for high-quality next actions, and watch your sales performance soar.

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