How to boost sales training ROI?

Short answer: Ditch the prescription type of content and spend most of your training time on real-life sales problem-solving.

We are all inclined to overlook that sales is utterly contextual. We feel much better and in control when guided by models and clear guidelines. Yes, we humans perform better if we know what we are expected to do. But in sales, not two companies, two customers or two situations are alike. Problems in sales can be categorised but not solutions. Every sales opportunity is unique in factors affecting your probability of success. Within this non-uniform environment, your best bet will be spending most of your sales training resources on collaborative daily problem-solving regarding all aspects of sales. I have initiated various problem-solving sessions with sales teams working in different sales environments and am always positively surprised by the results. The biggest gain is the dramatic shift of perspectives of the salespeople. First, they start flexing their analytical thinking muscles, step into critical thinking, and end up in divergent and creative thinking. Accountability is maxed, and they all become contributors rather than victims. Pointing fingers and being right or wrong lose meaning, but scenario-based action plans emerge. Actual problem-solving practice in sales also transforms the sales culture in a way you can not accomplish by any other means. Transparency, contribution, and experimentation arise.

You should integrate collective problem-solving into your sales training programme. After a series of sessions, you will experience irreversible and unparalleled gains, never possible with any sales training tool.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant with 12 years of sales enablement experience. Executed sales turnaround projects to build sustainable revenue streams. A proven sales enabler, sales efficiency, and effectiveness practitioner in complex sales process environments. High-performing sales team builder, customer-centric sales culture transformer and hands-on catalyst move quickly from vision and strategy to implementation.

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