Key Sales Competencies and Traits

When sales competencies are concerned there are loads of work and resources. When you skim through sales competency models you may wonder if there is any possibility or chance of presence of a super sales person who has every competency on the list. You may continue writing an endless list where you do not know what to do with it. Any competency work should be brief, distinctive and has only indispensable key competencies that you can not live without. Stemming from our experience and observations we end up with our array of key competencies and traits that a high achiever sales person should possess regardless sales types and industries.


We classified core sales competencies as sales IQ whereas other soft skills and traits that are important to deploy sales hard skills are tagged as sales EQ.


  • Sales IQ: Core sales competencies
    • Building rapport and trust
    • Balancing interests of the customer and the company
    • Connecting needs to the value propositions
    • Edging out competition
    • Framing customer expectation
  • Sales EQ: Skills and traits to be able to execute sales competencies
    • Accountability
    • Desire or need to be successful
    • Ability to learn and dopt
    • Alignment of the core belief system (with sales environment)
    • Resilience


All these competencies and traits are among the basics which are the most distinguished ones for a sales person to be successful. These can be used whilst deciding on recruiting or firing, assessing potential and performance, promotions, training and development.