Hands-on sales management is the key to success

Sales teams are significant investments.  They are either assets or liabilities, depending on the quality of sales management. Managing a sales team is like maintaining a bonsai tree. You should not let them down even just one day. By trimming frequently, you can keep up the best shape.

Keep the success formula simple for salespeople

Salespeople perform at their best when asked for well-defined, precise tasks that can be easily monitored. Each salesperson should be clear and sure about the steps to be taken to be successful in every possible market condition. The sales process and steps to get the results should be crystal clear and well-defined. You only manage a sales team if you have a well-defined sales process.

Always be optimising

You should relentlessly optimise your sales process and approach due to any changes in competition and customer expectations. If you are not optimising, you are lagging behind your potential.

Nail one by one

Without establishing one behavioural change, do not jump to another one. The fastest way to fail in sales turnaround projects is to open multi-fronts on several subjects. You can work on several sales issues simultaneously, but when you step into the action zone, it is better to proceed one by one.

Lead sales team by example

Asking salespeople tasks you cannot do alone is not a fair game. Besides, you will only be credited with your sales team if you can execute the task you are asking for. You should be the example of the type of salesperson you are expecting.

Bad-designed value propositions/sales arguments mean lost sales

Sales arguments, including value propositions, should be designed perfectly where it is easy to understand, prove the argument, is differentiated from competition, and is closely related to customer needs. Otherwise, you are wasting your sales potential.

Focus on specific customer segments

Instead of dispersing your sales effort in various industries and segments, it is always better to focus on the best matching segments and have a firm hand on them. Efficiency will follow after, accompanied by segment dominance.

First things first

When restructuring and optimising your sales system, there are always some prerequisites. It would be best if you were analysing your customer needs before suggesting your offer. Before drawing your new sales organisation chart, complete the customer segmentation step. Before measuring sales performance, you should have a flawless sales process structure.

Do not let persistent low performance survive

Bearing persistent low performance in a sales team is the worst thing to do. Whatever the reason, you should turn around a low performer or lose him. There is not a second option. You may have some excuses, but all of them will be irrelevant when you think of the consequences of persistent low performance. Remember, one rotten apple will be enough to waste the whole basket.

Centralise lead generation activities

Lead generation responsibility cannot be left solely to salespeople. Lead generation and new customer acquisition require different competencies and dedication. A separate dedicated team should process leads from other marketing channels in one database. Only pre-qualified leads or appointments should be transferred to the sales team in return for comprehensive needs analysis data.

Monitor your customers and competition continuously

The simplest definition of sales is to connect the customer's needs with the values you offer while excluding your competition. Customer perceptions, needs and expectations are constantly changing, as well as competition. Sales performance does not occur in a vacuum but concerns customers and competition. Constant monitoring of these and trimming your main sheet accordingly is indispensable.

Measure sales performance precisely and accurately

Sales is a multifactorial game. The path to success could be more apparent. Accurate performance cannot be measured with a few metrics. Process, result and effort measures should be taken into consideration. The critical mission of performance monitoring is to reflect an honest image to salespeople, showing how they accomplish among the team. Alignment of performance and compensation packages is another key.

Support the sales team to be able to spend maximum time with the customers

Supporting the sales team on lead generation, order tracking, or account management issues enables them to spend the whole time on the field with customers. Make sure they spend most of their time persuading the customer.