Sales Cadences for lead generation success

There are 3 critical factors in lead generation success:

1. Dedicated team

2. Fine-tuned process and content, including lead nurturing

3. Continuous optimisation

The elephant in the room is the missing key element: A platform that binds all three together and makes them work seamlessly. The lead generation process differs from the generic sales process in four ways: 

1. It is scenario-based: A typical lead generation process comprises many if/then statements. One size does not fit all. The process should involve many alternative routes and paths for different decision-maker roles, behavioural stereotypes, and approaches. Most of the possible scenarios should be considered to close in the lead.

2. Time and contact triggered: Lead generation is mostly about creating the right amount of reach-out frequency and using diverse methods. Automation is essential when the agent clicks “no response” on his third consecutive call, a new task is created to do another follow-up 2 weeks later.

3. High degree of guidance: When the agent manages to get in touch, possible responses vary, and so does the counter-action. This instant tailored reaction requires a solid enablement and guidance approach to help the agent decide on the next action. If the lead says they are happy with their current supplier, what would be the wise thing to get the dialogue on? If the lead is not eager to answer detailed questions, what is the best way to do a quick and non-threatening qualification conversation? The answers should be integrated into the process and platform. 

4. Task and workload determination: The tasks and actions of the agent should be automatically updated by the ongoing process. Every action, response and decision should lead to the next action, including the timing and priority.

The usual CRM platform can not properly manage the intrinsic qualities of the lead generation process. You need a specialised platform with the right tools and features that enable the agents to do their jobs as expected. In other words, you need Salesforce Cadences, an add-on product to your Sales Cloud where cadences bring together all their pending activities in one view and automatically log activities as reps complete them. After reps start using cadences, managers can report on which cadences result in the best sales outcomes.

It is an indispensable tool for lead generation success. Call us to learn more about how Salesforce Cadences will accelerate your lead generation activities.

Sales Cadences 1
Sales Cadences 2

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