Sales Manager vs Sales Coach

As the business life changes our conceptual journey prolongs. There has been a lot said between executive and leader. We all know the meaning of “life coach”. But there is not enough information and living examples of “sales coach” ofwhich plays an important function for sales people.

If we leave the written job definitions aside, by just analyzing the time usage we can conclude there are two main functions of sales manager: One is to extinguish fires the other is to pressure the sales team to align them with sales goals.

Being continiously on crisis management, sales manager tries to breathe upon the water by struggling with delivery problems, manufacturing defects, lost customers, unmeet sales quotas, daily complaints of sales team, everlasting demands of upper management, must-to-attend meetings.

There is no time left to spend with the sales team. It is nearly impossible to listen, monitor them on the job and lead. The only tool the manager can use is experience to deduct more from less truth and ability to pressure them and fear them as last resort. The one and only mission is to enforce sales team to behave coherently with the company culture and the goal pressure.

In a context like this is it possible for a sales manager to lead the sales person in the daily conundrums of sales life in a positive manner? To make it happen, I mean to make them progress out of their comfort zone, to realize their potential, to raise their self respect are only possible to communicate in a different level. This level is sales coaching.

In this sense sales oaching is not an indigenous trait but more like a skill that can be learned and developed. This definition is far from the one of leadersip which is mythological and surreal.

You can transform an avarage performer sales person into a sales champion just using proper sales coaching methologies. This requires a lot more to employ the sales people and watch them on the field to see who will survive.

Like athletes, politicians and CEOs every sales person deserves coaching. Sales people needs a sales coach to develop their own ability and initiative to solve their own problems, betterment of sales process, to attain sustainable positive attitude, to relate actions to goals, to be outstanding sales person in short.