Sales playbook tips

Sales playbooks are essential for sales success only if they are prepared with utmost care to reflect the collective sales wisdom. I short-listed some tips to prepare powerful sales playbooks below.

Minimum viable scope

Start writing your sales playbook with minimum coverage. If you spread your effort, completing the book with a high standard will be more challenging.

Concise and to-the-point

Avoid long sentences. Use phrases instead. Get rid of all the wording unless you can not do it anymore. It should not be taxing for the salespeople to find the relevant info.

Go visual all the way

Use forms, tables, charts, drawings, diagrams, illustrations, mind maps, etc., enabling your salespeople to grasp the info at a glance.

No generic content

If your content is valid for every kind of sales context, think twice about including it. Sales playbooks are more potent if they address singular, unique situations.

Collaborative reflection

Do not enforce any paradigm, method or particular content on the sales playbook preparation team. The most important mission of the facilitator is to make the team own the final product. Otherwise, it will not fire any triggers when the playbook is used.

Losses are lessons

Launching workshops and brainstorming sessions to produce killer content, do not skip analysing your lost opportunities. Best learning material does not just stem from the down-from-success but also the up-from-losses perspective. 

Involve scenario-based thinking

There is no absolute right or wrong way of handling a situation in sales. There are possible scenarios in which you must react with a decision tree map.

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