Sales strategy issues

  • By the time we were growing at a high rate we end up a sales systematic by trial and error. We know we have to change but we do not know where to start with.
  • Our competition grows faster in sales. What can be the reason we are left behind?
  • We want to differentiate from competition. How can we do it?
  • We do not to sell just because our price is lower. How can we tackle with competition using price as a weapon?
  • We do not have much resource for marketing. What is the best way to spend marketing money?
  • We are in B2B business. Should we invest in sales or marketing?
  • We plan to rely on third parties to generate sales. But we are not sure if this is the right thing to do?

Sales team and management

  • We are not successful in recruiting right sales people. When we find a star we are unable to keep him. Are we doing mistakes somewhere?
  • We are fully dependent on sales numbers to measure sales performance but we sometimes get a feeling that it is not the only deal.
  • We are pushing hard the sales team to increase sales activities but we are far away to follow up them.
  • What is the optimum number of sales people for our team?
  • How can we turn around underperformers in sales team?
  • There is a vacancy in sales manager post. Is it best to employ from inside or outside? Either way how can we cope with the risks?
  • Our most experienced sales person is resisting the new policies. We do not want to lose him or block the change.
  • What is the best compensation plan to motivate the sales team without wasting resources?
  • We are about to turn around our sales culture. How can we achieve positive change without rocking the boat?
  • Do our sales people have the necessary competencies for the job? How can we support them bettering their potential?
  • We have a high rate of turnover in sales team. What causes this and how can we prevent this from happening?
  • Even we are pressing sales team hard our average collection date is not decreasing. They seem they do not push really hard on this.
  • How can we support sales team to spend more time on field with customers?

Sales competency issues

  • There are same training titles when it comes to sales. We are looking for different and more specific content for sales training.
  • We think we are not benefiting much from the time and money invested in sales training. Sales performance is still stagnant.
  • We spend relatively good money for training our sales team and bombarding them with several titles but they are still wandering around not sure what to do.
  • Are there any other methods other than sales training in increasing sales performance?
  • The content of the sales training is quite generic. Is it really impossible to find really customized content?

Customer related issues

  • We want to eliminate high risk customers without losing face.
  • What kind of sales organization is need to support sales team to focus on valuable customers?
  • How can we increase leads and new customers?
  • What is the best approach to a problematic customer?
  • We are informed too late after a churn took place. Is there any way to be alarmed when there is a risk?
  • We are investing in increasing customer satisfaction. But we are far behind in increasing sales in the same ratio we increase customer satisfaction.
  • Are we benefiting enough from our CRM software?

Sales person related issues

  • I have too much on my plate. I feel distracted and desperate always trying to catch up.
  • I can not get on well with my manager. Whatever I do he seems not to be happy.
  • I do not feel confident in cold calls.
  • From which resources and how can I get enough leads to hit my quota?
  • I left sales meetings with good and positive feelings but somehow I can not close the deal as much as I expect.
  • I feel my sales career stuck in this company. I am not sure which way to go.