Six causes of lack of motivation among salespeople

Motivation is a deceptive expression because it is a kind of blanket word to throw over the real causes of not feeling dedicated or engaged in certain goal-oriented activities.

Sales is a highly challenging environment primarily because of its intrinsically chaotic nature. The lack of structure or pattern to be successful leaves no room for low mood, self-doubt or hesitation.

Having worked with salespeople for over two decades, I listed down the possible factors affecting the motivation levels of salespeople stemming from my professional observations:

Not being heard

Each salesperson has their ideas on improving things, better pricing strategies, beating competition, etc. As a sales leader, if you do not let them spit out what they really think and do your best to understand their point of view, you will miss the hidden opportunity to build a natural bond with them. If they do not have their say regarding sales policies, they will not embrace them and indeliberately make you fail to prove they know the best.

Belief in sales goals are attainable or not

When sales goals are submitted to salespeople, showing them they are attainable is critical. It works like a torpedo-level tool. You need to level them to the right mental state. Otherwise, it will turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, depending on whether they think they can hit the sales quota or not. 

Not being able to set one’s agenda

If a salesperson has zero control over their daily agenda, they will not feel empowered to tackle the daily struggles of sales. The power of full engagement is linked with the self-determination of actions to reach your goal.

Never satisfied sales management 

Hell on earth for salespeople is a sales organisation where sales management is never happy with the sales team despite whatever they do or achieve. Sales management never misses any chance to criticise the sales team and make them feel incompetent. This is a toxic kind of sales culture where death is slow and painful.

Too much distraction

Imagine this: Salespeople run around like a headless chicken extinguishing ongoing fires here and there. They can not focus their attention on anything at hand. They are treading water because they are at the mercy of all other urgencies. It feels like you are not in control of your destiny.

Compensation policies

The most significant potential friction between the sales team and the company is the poorly designed compensation packages where the interests of both parties are misaligned. Sales management asks for something from the sales team, but the compensation scheme shows another direction. Compensation is a very sensitive issue, combining effort and reward.

A final word: You can not create a highly motivational environment by eliminating the causes of disincentive.

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