Why do we need to declutter frozen accounts?

Sales process design is based on a forward-moving mechanism. A lead enters the pipeline and hopefully ends its journey as a customer. What about the others that show no sign of moving forward in the process? Do you have any buckets to park them and rules defining what to do with those who are too stubborn or already dead leads or opportunities?

Frozen or dead leads or opportunities can clog up the sales pipeline if not dealt with. They become the clutter in your attic, where they become a total mass. If you sort this mass, you will end up with some stuff belonging to four main categories:

1. The things that you have to get rid of, like an old cassette player of no use
2. Some stuff that you do not even recall what they are used for, like cables or spare parts
3. Some useful stuff like your old reliable can opener you can start using again
4. Some hidden gems like your granddad’s pocket watch

Frozen or dead accounts are the same. It would be best if you periodically sorted your stuff and put them in the right bucket with a plan of action.

It is up or out after a certain amount of inactivity of the opportunities.

It is time to design new processes and sales stages to extract dead opportunities from the sales pipeline.

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